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5 Ways to Fake a Bedroom in a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments can be a challenge. The single main room design can make privacy a real challenge. If you ever plan to have a friend or family member over while maintaining your own personal space, there are a few tricks you can use. With some thought and innovation, you can easily fake a bedroom in a studio apartment using these helpful tips.

Fabric Divider

This romantic solution involves putting up a barrier made with material. The great thing about this is that you can use the divider as part of your decor and switch out the fabric seasonally if you so desire. Hanging the fabric may involve using hooks installed in the ceiling or a rack type structure that surrounds your bed. Get creative!

Solid Divider

Build a wall using wood, brick, pipes, etc. For a better use of space, make this wall dual-purpose. Built-in shelves for books, shoes, or other personal belongings is a great way to maximize the utility of a divider wall.

Build a Loft

Take your bedroom to a new level with a loft. This is an excellent way to utilize vertical space while keeping your sleeping area separated from the rest of the room. Of course, you’ll have to check with your landlord to ensure this solution is allowed.

Dual Purpose

Use a daybed or futon that doubles as a sofa when you’re not using it as a bed. This is the perfect solution for especially small studio apartments where space is extremely limited. Also, consider whether you’d be okay with visitors sitting on the place where you lay your head at night!

Murphy Bed FTW

The ultimate storage solution. A built-in murphy bed is the best way to maximize your studio space while allowing you to have a comfortable, quality bed to sleep in. Murphy beds can easily be customized to your space and to meet your particular needs - some even include the sofa.

No need to be discouraged by the limited space of a studio apartment. There are plenty of inventive ideas you can utilize to fake a bedroom in a single main room.

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