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Murphy Beds

Queen Shaker Murphy Bed with sides 480x640v3 Add a bedroom to any room in your house.

Add a bedroom to any room in your house.

Murphy Beds, which are sometimes referred to as Wallbeds or Folding Beds, provide the perfect balance of function, comfort, and elegance. When not in use, the bed folds up against the wall for extra floor space. Bedding remains tucked into the bed as you fold it up, which saves you time.

While they are a perfect space saving solution for small apartments, they are also perfect for many other uses - home offices, music rooms, home gyms, craft rooms, basements, yoga studios… the possibilities are endless.

Our Lancaster Heirloom Collection Murphy beds allow you to create a smart, multifunctional room.

We use solid hardwoods, the finest hardware, and a durable finish to ensure that your furniture will last a lifetime. Built by Amish craftsman, the quality of our Lancaster Heirloom Collection Murphy Beds is second to none.

We will design, craft, deliver your Murphy Bed and matching cabinetry safely, efficiently and affordably.

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stain paint options Stain and Paint Options

Stain and Paint Options

Our full line of stains and paints are available. We finish all of our products with a high-quality, low VOC, polyurethane finish that resists water marks and scratches.

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hardware options Hardware Options

Hardware Options

Choose from our large selection of hardware. There are many options to fit each style.

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Amish Panel Styles Panel Styles

Panel Styles

We offer 5 styles of decorative panel fronts - Traditional Raised, Mission Inset, Shaker, Contemporary and Barn Door Panels.

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Amish Wood Species Types of Wood

Types of Wood

We primarily use four species of wood, each with their own special features and benefits.

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Standard Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Wall-mounting system
  • Gas cylinder-piston mechanism helps to smoothly and effortlessly raise and lower the Murphy Bed - The mechanism carries a Lifetime Warranty for the original owner of the Murphy Bed.
  • Locking mechanism to prevent the Murphy Bed from being pulled down when closed and not in use
  • Decorative, Laser-cut, powder-coated steel legs
  • High-quality, low VOC, polyurethane finish that resists water marks and scratches
  • Large selection of stain and paint choices
  • Large selection of hardware options

Optional Features

Murphy Bed Pricing — Contemporary, Traditional Raised, Mission & Shaker Panel Styles

SizeRed OakMapleCherryQuartersawn White Oak
Twin XL$3,383.00$3,481.00$3,481.00$3,974.00
Full with Dropdown Desk$4,486.00$4,617.00$4,617.00$5,356.00
Queen with Dropdown Desk$4,582.00$4,716.00$4,716.00$5,383.00
Full with Auto-Desk (w/o End Panels)$4,230.00$4,354.00$4,354.00$4,970.00
Full with Auto-Desk (w/End Panels)$4,449.00$4,579.00$4,579.00$5,277.00
Queen with Auto-Desk (w/o End Panels)$4,341.00$4,467.00$4,467.00$5,099.00
Queen with Auto-Desk (w/End Panels)$4,561.00$4,694.00$4,694.00$5,358.00
Full with Sofa$5,528.00$5,689.00$5,689.00$6,494.00
Queen with Sofa$5,626.00$5,790.00$5,790.00$6,609.00
Full Classic with Auto-Desk$6,169.00$6,348.00$6,348.00$7,247.00
Queen Classic with Auto-Desk$6,284.00$6,467.00$6,467.00$7,383.00

*Desk option is not available for Contemporary Panel Murphy Beds. Dropdown desk option is available for only Vertical Full Size, Horizontal Full Size, Vertical Queen Size and Horizontal Queen Size. Auto-Desk option is available for only Vertical Full Size and Vertical Queen Size. Sofa available for Vertical Full and Queen Size Only.

Specialty Murphy Bed Pricing - V Style, British Brace Barn Door and Chevron Panels

SizeRed OakMapleCherryQuartersawn White Oak
Full Vertical V Style$3,593.00$3,698.00$3,698.00$4,221.00
Queen Vertical V Style$3,691.00$3,799.00$3,799.00$4,336.00
Full Vertical British Brace$3,696.00$3,804.00$3,804.00$4,342.00
Queen Vertical British Brace$4,134.00$4,255.00$4,255.00$4,857.00
Full Vertical Chevron (1 color)$4,910.00$5,053.00$5,053.00$6,232.00
Queen Vertical Chevron (1 color)$5,008.00$5,154.00$5,154.00$5,883.00
Full Vertical Chevron (Two-tone)$5,110.00$5,253.00$5,253.00$6,432.00
Queen Vertical Chevron (Two-tone)$5,208.00$5,354.00$5,354.00$6,083.00
Full Vertical V Style with Auto-Desk (w/o End Panels)$4,456.00$4,586.00$4,586.00$5,235.00
Full Vertical V Style with Auto-Desk (w/End Panels)$4,668.00$4,804.00$4,804.00$5,484.00
Queen Vertical V Style with Auto-Desk (w/o End Panels)$4,572.00$4,705.00$4,705.00$5,371.00
Queen Vertical V Style with Auto-Desk (w/End Panels)$4,784.00$4,923.00$4,923.00$5,620.00
Full Vertical V Style with Sofa$5,747.00$5,914.00$5,914.00$6,751.00
Queen Vertical V Style with Sofa$5,843.00$6,013.00$6,013.00$6,864.00
Full Vertical British Brace with Sofa$5,906.00$6,078.00$6,078.00$6,938.00
Queen Vertical British Brace with Sofa$6,279.00$6,462.00$6,462.00$7,377.00
Full Vertical Chevron (1 color) with Sofa$7,120.00$7,327.00$7,327.00$8,364.00
Queen Vertical Chevron (1 color) with Sofa$7,153.00$7,361.00$7,361.00$8,403.00
Full Vertical Chevron (Two-tone) with Sofa$7,320.00$7,527.00$7,527.00$8,564.00
Queen Vertical Chevron (Two-tone) with Sofa$7,353.00$7,561.00$7,561.00$8,603.00


Our Lancaster Heirloom Collection Murphy Beds do not have box springs. The mattress lies on our platform system. Our Murphy Bed accommodates mattresses up to 12 inches deep.

Vertical Beds

StyleWidthHeight -no CrownHeight w/CrownDepthProjects Open
Twin – Vertical45-5/8"82-1/2"84-1/4"18"80-1/2"
Full – Vertical60-5/8"82-1/2"84-1/4"18"80-1/2"
Queen – Vertical66-5/8"87-1/2"89-1/4"18"85-1/2"
King – Vertical82-5/8"87-1/2"89-1/4"18"85-1/2"

*Width and depth measurements do not include crown molding or top overhang. Crown molding adds 1-3/4" to the front, right and left sides. A solid top adds 3/4" to all three sides. Call for customization options.

Horizontal Beds

StyleWidthHeight - no topHeight w/topDepthProjects Open
Twin – Horizontal81-5/8"46-1/2"47-1/4"18"48-1/2"
Full – Horizontal81-5/8"61-1/2"62-1/4"18"59-1/2"
Queen – Horizontal86-5/8"67-1/2"68-1/4"18"65-1/2"
King – Horizontal86-5/8"83-1/2"84-1/4"18"81-1/2"

*Horizontal Murphy beds do not use crown molding. Horizontal Murphy beds come standard with a 3/4" flat top. Width & Depth measurements above do not include overhang. A solid top adds 3/4" overhang to front, right and left sides.

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