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Eight Ways to Make Any Small Room Seem Bigger

Small Space Shelves Eight Ways to Make Any Small Room Seem Bigger

Small rooms can be tricky when it comes to decorating them, but when done right, they can not only be cozy and inviting spaces, but you can also make them seem a lot bigger than they really are. Use these eight tips to achieve this illusion!

Lighten Up

Keep room colors light and bright to make a space seem larger. In addition, allowing natural light in can eliminate shadows that would otherwise make a room seem smaller.

Use Vertical Space

Hang shelves all the way up to the ceiling to draw the eye up. Not only do they create the illusion of height, but they also serve a purpose as storage.

Hang Curtains High

The closer to the ceiling that you hang curtains, the taller a room appears to be. It’s an illusion that truly works! Alternately, leaves curtains off altogether to brighten up the space.

Clutter Free

The less clutter you have in a room, the larger it appears. Try to be spartan in smaller rooms and store items in closets and under the bed if necessary.

Use Lamps

Overhead lights often offer harsh ambiance and only serve to highlight how small a room may be. Instead, use small lamps to strategically illuminate various corners of a room.

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are an excellent tool for creating the illusion of space. Pepper small rooms with them for the best results.

Keep Furniture to a Minimum

Buck tradition and leave the dresser, bookcase, and other clunky furniture out of your small room.

Build It In

The best use of space is to custom build a murphy bed in a small bedroom. Simply fold it up when not in use and immediately maximize your space!

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