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Five Reasons to Buy American-made Furniture

Once upon a time, Americans bought American-made furniture. You may still see this furniture in homes, shops, and warehouses throughout the nation. They’re now called antiques! At some point, people began to eschew American-made furniture and purchase cheaply imported pieces instead. Furniture quality has declined dramatically as such. Here are five reasons to go old school and buy American-made furniture instead.

Job Creation

Obviously, if you’re buying American-made furniture, it’s being made by Americans! Buying domestic helps our economy and helps fellow citizens put dinner on the table every night. Not only that, but when an American furniture builder spends his or her income, it’s putting the money back into the economy. It’s a beautiful cycle we should all strive to perpetuate.

Good Job Environments

When furniture is made in a foreign country, you have no way of knowing how those workers are treated. Sadly, many foreign workers craft cheaply made products in unsafe and unfair working conditions. In the United States, we have laws that regulate work environments and force them to meet certain standards.


“Made in the USA” is a label often associated with very high standards of craftsmanship. You may pay more for American-made furniture, but with the higher price tag, you often get heirloom quality pieces that last a lifetime and beyond. Well worth it!

Better for the Environment

When products are made in foreign countries, we have to get them from point A to American soil. This is often a lengthy and environmentally unfriendly process that involves burning fossil fuels and the like. Not only does that hurt Mother Earth now, but it does for generations to come. Domestic products have a much shorter distance to travel and thus are more environmentally friendly.


When we don’t have to rely on other countries for procuring our goods, we can be more independent and less reliant on rules, regulations, and costs of foreign governments. Americans pride themselves on the ideals of independence and the more we can buy domestically, the more independent we can be.

All of our Murphy Beds and cabinets are constructed in Lancaster County, PA from locally sourced wood and made by Amish Craftsman.

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