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How to Turn Almost Any Space Into a Guest Room

Throughout time, many families have wasted an entire room in their home specifically for guest visits. Friends or relatives would come to visit for the holidays or other special occasions and the room would only get used a couple of weeks each year. Savvier modern families have learned to create spaces that serve multiple purposes. With a little thought and a lot of planning, you can turn almost any space into a guest room while preserving its ability to be used throughout the year for other reasons.

Follow these five handy tips for turning almost any space into a guest room.

Keep It Neutral

Since this room will be used by many people for many different reasons, it’s smart to keep the decor as neutral as possible. Keep things nebulous and vague. Nothing too gender specific or craft related for instance. You want your guest to feel comfortable and while dinosaurs and rainbows may be very inviting to some, it’s not for everyone.

Store It

Ensure there’s plenty of storage in this room. Use closets, seating cubes, bookcases, and other containers to store sheets and blankets, craft supplies, and other necessities based on what you’ll be using the space for throughout the year. This makes quick changes convenient and easy depending on what you need the room for at any given time.

Freshen Up

If this room will indeed remain dormant from time to time, ensure that you continue to dust it and air it out every once in a while. Strategically place several open boxes of baking soda in the corners of the room to absorb any musty odors. Run a dehumidifier before guest visits. Freshen curtains and carpets with linen spray when necessary. An essential oil diffuser is an easy way to fill a room with a fresh, natural fragrance and provide a safer alternative to candles and incense.

Supply and Demand

Keep a stash of supplies on hand that your guests can use when visiting. Books, toiletries, robes, socks, mints, etc. are all good to have on hand. These little care packages will mean the world to your visitors and they won’t have to bother you for things they may have forgotten to pack. Win, win.


Murphy beds are the absolute perfect way to turn almost any room into a guest room. These conveniently built-in pieces of furniture store compactly when not in use and pull out when needed. There are many different ways to customize a murphy bed to fit most spaces.

No need to single out a valuable space in your house specifically for sporadic guest visits. Transform just about any room into a guest room only when needed. It’s easier than you think!

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