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New York Tiny Apartments Tips

nyc shoes New York Tiny Apartments Tips

NYC is famous for their very expensive, yet microscopic apartment options. City residents are masters at paring down and making due with the minimum possessions. If you yearn to live in the Big Apple yourself, but fear the Spartan lifestyle, we can help. Follow these easy tips for living life in a super small space.


Maybe you have the world’s biggest shoe collection or perhaps you’ve collected coins or comic books your whole life. Sadly, you’ll have to leave these things behind when living in a tiny apartment. Think hard about your needs over your wants. Only plan to have what you absolutely need in your new place - there’s simply no room for “want” in this scenario. Live by the “Rule of Three”. Choose your three favorites of each item you feel you need in your immediate possession and donate or sell the rest. Only the essentials!


If you just can’t part with your beloved possessions, you can always rent a storage unit and place your items there for now. NYC is an expensive place however, so evaluate the practicality and wisdom of storing unnecessary items before committing to a unit.

nyc MurphyBed3 Compartmentalize


Every square inch of a NYC studio apartment is valuable space. Under your bed, in your cabinets, next to, behind, above...

Think about ways you can utilize every spot in your abode. Use non-bulky bins, boxes, and baskets to keep things neat and tidy. Staying organized is crucial in a small space. Remember what grandma said, “A place for everything and everything in its place!”


Look up! All that wall space up to and including your ceiling can be used for storage and display. Hang your plants and clothing racks from the ceiling. Mount your baskets, shelves, bike, and TV to the wall. Just remember that every item you add to your apartment increases your chances of clutter and claustrophobia regardless of where it is in your space.


One of the biggest space hogs in any apartment is a bed. Murphy beds are the perfect solution to this problem. Not only do they fold up when not in use, but they can also double as your sofa. Aside from Murphy beds, think about folding tables and chairs, and/or seating cubes that double as storage. There are countless hacks you can incorporate when living the tiny apartment lifestyle!

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