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Ten Benefits of a Tiny House

The American dream is still alive and well. Go to college, get a high-paying job, buy a big house, a few cars, etc. With all of these material things can come a huge amount of stress. As such, health and happiness can take a hit. Take some time to reevaluate whether you truly need to keep up with the Jones’ or whether a simpler life is in order.

Here are ten benefits:

No more mortgage
Not only will you save a fortune on your mortgage payment each month, but you might also be able to build your tiny house with the money you make from your big house sale!

Fewer repairs
With a tiny house, you won’t have raccoons in your attic or leaks in your basement. You can save a large sum of money on repairs in a tiny house.

Get out from under the HOA
Depending on where you build your tiny house, you may finally be able to free yourself from the dictatorship of Home Owner’s Associations.

See the world
Some tiny homes are mobile and you’ll be able to be the nomad you’ve always dreamed of being.

Get off the grid
The grid can be a depressing place, and the tiny house life can help you get off of it for good. Find a remote piece of land and start building!

Lower Utility Bills
Less space means less heating, cooling, water, etc.

Less work
You don’t need to be a genius to know that cleaning 300 square feet is preferable to cleaning 3000 square feet.

Quit your day job
When living at the fraction of the cost of a large home, you don’t need as much income. A fun, part-time job may be all you’ll need.

The retired life
No need to spend your golden years cleaning out the gutters and mowing a vast swath of land. Go out and live life with the simplicity of tiny house homeownership.

Earn rental income
Tiny houses are so affordable that you may choose to own several. You can rent them out when you’re not occupying them and add to your income as such.

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