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living well in small places jpg Tips for Living Well in Your Studio or Loft

Tips for Living Well in Your Studio or Loft

Small spaces can be a real challenge when it comes to decor, storage, and livability. But, with some careful planning and thoughtfulness, you can love life in your studio or loft. Here’s how:

Choose Your Colors

Instead of going crazy with the color wheel, stick to two or three main colors that you’ll use to decorate your entire space. You can always add fun pops of colors on a smaller scale for interest.

Pick Your Furniture

Keep your furniture scale as small as possible while still being functional. Multi-use items are best, such as tables that double as desks, or daybeds that can be used as a sofa.

Light Your Space Judiciously

Avoid harsh overhead lighting and strategically place lamps about as necessary. Use lamps with different heights and brightness levels for added mood and practicality.

Create "Fake" Rooms

Use dividers and area rugs to define spaces that would otherwise have walls in larger homes.

Vertical Space is Your Friend

Shelves and hanging hooks can save the day in smaller abodes. If you have a high ceiling, even better. Store everything from books, to essentials, to decorative items this way.

Install a Custom Murphy Bed

Beds take up a lot of real estate inside our homes, and the best way to save space is to get a Murphy bed. It simply folds up when not in use giving you back a lot of valuable square footage during the day.

Small space living doesn’t have to be tough. With some careful planning and preparation, you can live a delightful life in your studio or loft apartment.

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