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Door Panel Styles

Paneled doors, also called stile and rail doors or 5-piece doors, evolved from transitional doors that were built during the Renaissance era. Wood has a natural tendency to shrink and expand. Panel door construction overcomes any issues that this would cause as the panel is allowed to move within the stable stile and rails of the frame. Paneled doors require much skill to build. Amish woodworkers have perfected and passed this skill down through generations.

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Traditional Raised Panel

Traditional Raised Panel Style Composite

Traditional Raised Panels feature classic styling that showcases our craftsmanship with soft, decorative edges featuring a slant-raised profile center panel. A decorative, ornate crown molding with coves and curves enhances the top.

This is our most popular style. It's commonly used as the "go to" style for designers and builders alike beacause the Traditional Raised Panel coordinates easily into any home decor.

Mission Inset Panel

Mission Panel Style Composite

Amish furniture is often associated with the American Craftsman movement. During this time many artisans protested mass production by returning to more traditional American designs. Joseph McHugh, a furniture maker from New York, developed a line of furniture inspired by furniture found throughout Spanish missions in California and with this, the "Mission-style" was born.

Mission-style is characterized by its straight angles and simple horizontal and vertical lines. It's a clean style that works well with a variety of decor. Traditional Mission-style furniture is stained to accentuate the grain in the wood and the hardware is usually black simple pulls or knobs.

Our Mission panel Murphy Bed features a 45-degree flat crown molding, with a simple bevel to decorate the top.

Shaker Inset Panel

Shaker Panel Style Composite white

The Shakers were a radical religious sect who broke away from English Quakers in the 1770s. Upon coming to America, they settled into small communities dedicated to the principles of simplicity and humility, which was reflected in the furniture that they made. They viewed any type of ornamentation to be sinful.

Shaker-style furniture is known for its simplicity. Our Shakers doors combine flat-inset panels with beaded rails and stiles to provide a soft look. The crown molding comprises a simple, swooping cove that highlights the soft curves of the style without being ornate.

Contemporary Panel

Contemporary Panel Style Composite

Contemporary panels are large, flat panels. These are not constructed like our 5-piece, rail and stile doors. For panels this large, to eliminate issues that could arise from solid wood with shrinking and expanding, the best practice is to use furniture grade plywood.

This design leans towards a more Modern style. It's simple and has a 3/4 inch flat countertop shelf adorning the top in keeping with the clean, minimalist look.

"I would highly recommend Lancaster Handcraft for any of their products. They specialize in murphy bed installations and will take personal care to ensure that the end result is outstanding. Partnering with Lancaster's Amish community, they are able to provide the highest level of craftsmanship and quality without charging a premium price."
- Reviewed by Roy Flynt

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