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106S SM MICHAELS 526 Save $225 Queen Vertical Shaker Panel Murphy Bed - Maple Stained Michaels
$3357.00 (Retail $3582)

Save $225 Queen Vertical Shaker Panel Murphy Bed - Maple Stained Michaels
$3,357.00 (Retail $3,582)

Item #: 106S-SM-IS

Queen Vertical Shaker Panel is constructed of solid Maple and stained Michaels with a standard headboard and #R15 hardware. Baseboard notches are not added to stock beds. If you choose to utilize our installation services, our installers can add the notches onsite and the additional $25 fee will be added to your order.

Murphy Bed Dimensions: 66.625" wide x 18" deep x 89" high x 85.5" open length

Total width including crown molding: 70.625" wide

Standard Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Wall-mounting system, which does very little damage to your wall
  • Gas cylinder-piston mechanism helps to smoothly and effortlessly raise and lower the Murphy Bed - The mechanism carries a Lifetime Warranty for the original owner of the Murphy Bed.
  • Locking mechanism to prevent the Murphy Bed from being pulled down when closed and not in use
  • Decorative, Laser-cut, powder-coated steel legs
  • High-quality, low VOC, polyurethane finish that resists water marks and scratches

Optional Features

Michaels_Maple 150 Maple Stained Michaels

Maple Stained Michaels

15 150 #R15 Hardware

#R15 Hardware

Shaker Inset Panel Door Style Crown 150 Shaker Panel with Shaker Crown Molding

Shaker Panel with Shaker Crown Molding

solid stained headboard 150 Standard Headboard

Standard Headboard

Save $225 Queen Shaker Panel - Maple Stained Michaels

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